Ship Address

588 Hog's Back Rd

Ottawa, ON

K1V 1H8


Mailing Address

Pirate Adventures Ottawa

63 Sheppard's Glen
Kanata Ont
K2M 2M9

Interactive Pirate-Theatre Cruise


We are Closed for the Season!!!

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While at Mooney's Bay why not:

  • Witness the Rideau Canal Locks in action

  • Hike the Hog’s Back nature trails

  • Enjoy Mooney’s Bay Beach

  • Explore the massive new playground

Pirate Adventures Ottawa is an interactive pirate-theatre cruise set in a real pirate ship on Mooney’s Bay! Costumes, Face paint, treasure maps, sword fights, water cannons, and sunken treasure await!!! 

Join us for your 75 minute cruise today!

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