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Pirate Adventures Ottawa

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Please do not hesitate to contact Pirate Adventures Ottawa

via phone or email if we haven’t addressed your concerns:

1.  What happens if it rains?

Yes we still sail in the rain. In fact, some of our best adventures have been in the rain; however, if it’s heavy rain with strong winds we may cancel. As safety is our number one priority, if there is lightning we will cancel the sail. Of course your deposit is fully refundable if we do cancel. We will endeavour to contact you with as much notice as possible in the event of inclement weather.

Cancellation Guidlines:

Given the poor availability of accurate forecasting in Ottawa, we will rarely cancel a sail prior to the day of the sail. The exception to this would be a persistent forecast of 100% chance of heavy rain (more than 2mm per hour).

Many days in Ottawa show up with a 40% chance of rain. From the weather network,“thunderstorm forecasts are often associated with lower POP [Probability of Percipitation] values such as 40 percent. In this case, there is a better chance that the location will stay dry. People who can be flexible with their plans should not cancel outdoor activities, but must be ready to quickly take cover if a thunderstorm does develop.” On days like this, Pirate Adventures makes use of an up-to-date weather radar picture to determine if there is a system approaching our specific location.

Another point to note is that a 40% POP means that there is a 40% chance that there will be rain in the entire forecast area (Kanata to Orleans), and 60% that it will stay dry. Generally days like this will see no rain at all in most of the forecast area.

What do we consider heavy rain? If the hourly forecast predicts a millimetre per hour or less, we sail. If it predicts 2mm or more per hour, with above a 60% POP, we cancel, unless you really want to go in the rain...

2.  Do the children need to wear life jackets?

Our vessel and crew are Transport Canada inspected and certified. The wearing of life jackets is not mandatory due to the vessel design; however, if you or your child would feel more comfortable wearing a life jacket simply advise the crew and one will be supplied.

3.  How long are the adventures.

The adventure on the boat is 75 minutes long; however you should arrive 30 minutes before departure to get dressed up as a pirate, to have your face painted and of course so you can receive your pirate name tag. It’s best to estimate at least two hours for this activity.

4.  Do adults accompany the children on the boat?

Children under five should be accompanied by a care giver and we strongly recommend parents or grandparents to join the adventure. This is a great opportunity to experience the joys of childhood as we tap into your child’s imagination. Arrgh, if we could only capture and preserve these special moments and be able to draw upon them on rainy days.

5.  Which age group is the adventure intended for?

The easy answer is all ages; however children between 3 and 10 seemed to really get involved with the theatrics.

Parents, this adventure is as much for you as it is your children, we expect full participation!

In the past we have hosted birthday parties for 50 year olds and seen pirate grandmas having just as much fun, if not more, than the wee ones!

We will be hosting adult evening sails where the story line is geared towards an adult audience. Regardless of your age our pirate crew is trained to ensure that everyone is engaged.

6.  Is the adventure bilingual (French English)

We do sails in either French or English. If your group has booked the entire boat, and you would like a bilingual sail, we can do it.

7.  Are there washroom facilities on the boat?

No, however there are facilities located on site as well as in the surrounding area. The trip is 75 minutes long and passengers are recommended to make sure that their children stopover in the bathroom before boarding. In the event of a washroom emergency on-board we do have a potty.

8.  Do adults have to pay?

Yes, the vessel accommodates 43 paying passengers.

9.  Can we bring our own costumes and camera?

Yes certainly, however as part of your ticket price we provide face painting, vest, sash and headbands and of course pirate name tags. By all means bring your camera.

10.  Do passenger gets wet?

Mildly. This is largely dependent on weather and there is water used in the performance but “splash-back” is normally minimal. On hot days you may want to avoid, or throw yourself at, Pirate Pete’s water gun.

11.  Can I bring my stroller on board?


12.  Is the boat wheel chair accessible?


Pirate Adventures Ottawa - Frequently Asked Questions